Experience, combined with my own love of music, has prompted a desire to work in the world of tuning and rebuilding pianos. I have been working full-time as a piano technician for well over a decade and I am truly excited to have the opportunity to work on your piano!

My work as a piano technician began when I was offered an apprenticeship at The Immortal Piano Company in Portland, Oregon. During this learning period, I developed skills that eventually led to full-time employment at that shop. I also became a member of the Piano Technicians Guild and continue to regularly attend classes and conventions. After leaving Portland in 2005, I worked in a number of piano rebuilding shops in San Francisco, California. These jobs were both satisfying and educational. In addition to working in shops, I started my own tuning and repair business. Along with in-home tunings, I acquired tuning jobs with colleges, recording studios and other public music facilities. These jobs provided me with the opportunity to maintain pianos over long periods of time and fueled my desire to learn more. After moving back home to Seattle I passed a series of three exhaustive exams covering all aspects of piano tuning and repair given by the Piano Technicians Guild. I am now a registered member of the guild.

Raqa Down, RPT

Work History:



Winter 2013

Summer 2011




Relevant Skills, and Educational Experiences:

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