Lowdown Piano approaches every tuning as a collaboration between technician and musician. With a range of experience working on pianos around the world, Lowdown Piano is available for Tuning, Action Regulation, Soundboard and Bridge Repair, Restringing, Voicing, Touchweight Corrections as well as a host of other services.

Pianist and composer, Raqa Down is a proud member of the Piano Technicians Guild and served as the secretary for the San Francisco chapter.

Raqa Down was included in the documentary film Miracle in a Box created by John Korty and narrated by John Lithgow. From the Miracle in a Box website: "Miracle in a Box is an inspiring film about the coming together of three events: the bequest of a grand piano, the student competition to win it, and the months and months of work required to make it sing again." Watch the trailer above, or read the San Francisco Chronicle's review.

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